Early Data Assessment

Discovery costs are usually the most financially burdensome aspect of litigation, for both plaintiffs and defendants. And the bulk of that expense goes toward electronic data processing and document review.

Early Data Assessment is a critical step in the discovery process, because it allows Counsel to develop a thorough understanding of the collected data, before important processing decisions are made.  The analysis provides immediate insight into the nature and content of the data population, enables informed discovery decisions, and allows Counsel to set filtering and culling rules to reduce the size of the data set before processing.

SuperiorReview's expert consultants can use Early Data Assessment to help attorneys substantially - and safely - reduce the size of the data population that will be processed and reviewed, by providing detailed summary reports of file types, sizes, dates, e-mail attachments, duplicates, folders and media, and much more. EDA is also an invaluable tool when preparing for the 26(f) Meet and Confer.

After review of the Early Data analysis, attorneys can make better-informed discovery decisions. In collaboration with their e-discovery experts, they can develop culling and filtering strategies that zero in on the most important data and limit the volume - and associated cost - of information that must be processed and reviewed.

SuperiorReview offers Early Data Assessment in the Nuix platform. Clients can choose the features and capabilities that best meet their requirements for pre-culling and analysis; in many cases these techniques reduce the total volume of data that must be reviewed by as much as 87%.

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