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At SuperiorReview, we believe that quality and efficiency are the two most essential components of a successful document review.

Our experienced Discovery Management Consultants have assisted in some of the nation's largest class action law suits, managing document review sites staffed with hundreds of attorneys and overseeing the production of tens of thousands of responsive documents.

Whether you're working on a large-scale review project, a proactive discovery management initiative, or just need help reviewing and revising your corporate document retention policies, SuperiorReview can help you develop and implement a realistic project plan, control costs and achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Process

The choice of review platform and other applications that a firm will use for a given discovery project will generally be driven by three key factors:
  • The type and volume of data to be reviewed
  • Existing installations & level of familiarity with incumbent software
  • Project timelines

When you select SuperiorReview to plan and staff your discovery project, you can rest assured that our expert teams will be well-prepared, regardless of which review platform has been chosen.

We carefully assess each reviewer applicant's ability and experience, and gauge their knowledge of the most popular e-discovery and document review applications. What's more, we constantly evaluate emerging technologies, and provide training in the applications and methods that are shaping the e-discovery landscape.

Our value-driven philosophy towards thought leadership and technical proficiency, combined with our focus on accuracy, consistency and efficiency ensures that every project is completed in a manner that is both effective and repeatable.

Our Experts

  • MarthaLynn Maurras

    Project Manager

  • Joe Valenzuela



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